New, Magical Lilith by Katarina Baban Spring Collection 2021.

From the diligent Lilith workshop and under the imaginative fairy stick of Katarina Baban and skilful fairies in seamstresses' role, a new, magical spring Lilith collection is ready. Pastel colours, which are already a recognisable thread of the Lilith brand, dominate the collection this time. Luxurious dresses stand out and are prepared to take us to carefree warm days and evenings.

The dresses awaken the desire for a somewhat forgotten lady's style, turning a woman into an elegant modern princess in one go.

Gentle and charming, but at the same time bold, sensual and strong, it is an inspiring message to all women woven through magical Lilith dresses.

The long and midi luxurious dresses from the new collection exude a note of elegance that we have been craving more than ever lately. That is why new creations are hard to resist, and they are ideal for special occasions where you will magically shine and feel like princesses. Like all the Lilith signature creations, the new collection's dresses emphasise freedom and sensuality using mostly silk, sumptuous tulle combined with lace, feathers, and glittery details.

Although the collection is dominated by dresses in pastel and soft colours with interesting details, the two models of dresses with their elegant cut and style fit perfectly into the mini bridal edition, irresistibly reminiscent of the vintage style of the 50s when charm and decent details played a leading role in creating.

With the help of fairy magic powder, we turned Dina Vojnović and Katarina Baban into the role of spring fairies. You can find the entire collection in the showroom at Bosutska 9, Zagreb, with prior notice.

• Photography: Dora Barker
• Hair: Mali frizeraj iz Zadra
• Make up: Nina Kovačević
• Models: Dina Vojnović and Katarina Baban
• Locations: the beautiful parks of the city of Zadar fit perfectly as a backdrop to our models