Lilith by Katarina Baban is a fashion brand meant for women who still believe in fairy tales. 

Lilith by Katarina Baban represents a sartorial homage to the whimsical allure of fairy tales, crafted for women who cherish the magic of storytelling. This brand embodies the essence of femininity and elegance, offering designs that allow women to revel in the beauty of pastel hues across every season, while confidently expressing their inner princess.
The collections draw inspiration from the enchanting 1950s and 1960s, a time when allure and sex appeal were subtly woven into the fabric of fashion, hidden in meticulous details that teased the imagination rather than revealing it all. Lilith's designs are a nod to this era, capturing the heart of its discreet charm in every cut and silhouette.

About Katarina Baban

Katarina Baban is a multifaceted artist renowned for her work as an actress in theatre, television, and film. Beyond her principal career in acting, Katarina ventured into the fashion industry in 2014. She pursued her passion for fashion design by enrolling at Profokus, a prestigious school dedicated to fashion and design, where she honed her skills.

Not long after completing her studies, she launched her own fashion brand, Lilith, marking her entry into the fashion world with a unique creative vision. In 2017, Katarina further established her presence in the fashion industry by opening her first showroom in Zagreb, located at Bosutska 9, serving as a tangible testament to her dedication and talent in both the performing arts and fashion design.